Process and infrastructure

Within our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, we create exquisite and hygienic dinnerware using palm leaves. Our meticulously planned process design, along with a skilled team and advanced machinery, ensures the creation of the finest products from these natural raw materials, which Mother Earth has graciously provided.


The process of palm leaf manufacturing is refreshingly straightforward: a simple combination of washing and heat pressing. This straightforward approach results in a significantly reduced carbon footprint compared to other disposable alternatives in the market. Importantly, our manufacturing process remains entirely chemical-free and devoid of additives throughout. Furthermore, even the water used for cleaning is thoughtfully collected and repurposed to nurture the verdant greenery within our factory premises, without necessitating additional filtration.


Spacious & Clean Factory

We consider the shop floor as one of the paramount areas demanding attention in our product manufacturing process. The practice of 5’S’ is consistently implemented across all sections. Our dedication is evident in the meticulously organized layouts, frequent cleaning routines, and an immaculate factory floor maintained at all times.

Leaf Storage

The foundation of hygiene begins with the storage of leaves. We prioritize the storage of raw materials, guaranteeing a consistent supply of high-quality leaves throughout the year. This meticulous approach not only elevates the quality of our end products but also plays a crucial role in meeting our delivery targets efficiently.

Leaf Washing

Leaf washing stands as a pivotal process in ensuring the impeccable cleanliness of our final products. Employing high-pressure water jet spray, we meticulously cleanse the leaves, followed by a meticulous segregation procedure. This stringent approach underscores our commitment to delivering products of the highest hygiene standards.

State of Art Palm Leaf Plate Making Machineries

All the Palm leaf plate Making Machines, Dies / Moulds, Material handling Equipment are designed and developed by our  In-house NPD Design & Engineering team.o.

Product Cleaning & Inspection

Cleaning constitutes another integral phase, expertly executed by skilled operators across two distinct stages. Our dedication to quality assurance is reflected in subjecting each individual piece to thorough quality checks. This unwavering commitment ensures that the end products align with the exceptional quality standards that our customers greatly appreciate.

Automated Packing

Following meticulous quality inspection and precise counting, the shrink packing process is executed. Utilizing automated machinery, we guarantee a superior standard of packaging. Before products are placed within carton boxes, a Pre-Delivery Inspection (PDI) is meticulously carried out. Additionally, we offer customized packaging solutions tailored to the specific requirements of our valued customers.

Storage of Finished Products

The carefully packed carton boxes are systematically arranged on pallets, featuring traceability stickers and shipping marks for clear identification. Our emphasis on using high-quality carton boxes guarantees the safety of the products, whether stored for an extended period in the warehouse or during transportation to their ultimate destination.