Who We Are?

By promoting Areca Palm leaf products that are made using naturally fallen leaves through eco-friendly processing, leaving low carbon footprint in the processing, and making sure the product remains 100% natural and biodegradable when they get disposed of after use back to Earth, We Team “The Garden Glory” work to lessen the impact of single use disposable tableware on our environment.

"Never give up on your dreams, no matter how long it takes."


Our aspiration is to excel as a top-tier eco-friendly product manufacturer, bringing delight to our employees, suppliers, shareholders, customers, and society at large.


Our commitment lies in being a socially responsible product manufacturer. We achieve this by not only pleasing our customers through our ethical approach and attitude, but also by consistently introducing innovative products of superior quality. Our focus extends to enhancing our organizational capabilities, driving us to take a lead in the global market within this sector.


Garden Glory is dedicated to bringing joy to customers by consistently delivering quality products, punctually and consistently. Our commitment to innovation and continuous enhancement underlines this pursuit.